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国際研究フォーラム「アジアの宗教文化――モダニティの中での相互変容 Religious Cultures in Asia: Mutual Transformations through Multiple Modernities」(仮)


 発表を希望される方は発表タイトルと発表要旨(英文200 words以内)を添えてお申込下さい。申込締切は6月末日となります。

【場所】國學院大學 学術メディアセンター5F 会議室06



 近現代のアジアは、それぞれの国や社会、あるいは地域において固有の modernity (その意味でそれは複数形のmodernitiesであることになる)を経験してきているが、その歴史的展開を受けて、宗教文化もまた変化を遂げてきている。

              The countries, societies, and regions of East Asia have each had their own unique experience of modernity (and hence in that sense we speak of multiple modernities). Those historical developments in turn have caused the religious cultures of each to undergo changes of their own.
              This is not to say, however, that those changes have been generated solely by internal, domestic factors. With new developments in media and technology also playing a role, religious cultures have taken on varied forms and crossed borders. They have affected one another and transformed one another as well.
              In this Forum, we are seeking reports on religious culture(s) in modern East Asia whose basic focusing perspective is on these sorts of border crossings and mutual transformations. Their implications will be debated and discussed in a workshop format.
              It is not absolutely necessary for the solicited presentations to directly take up issues of bilateral or multilateral exchanges. They may be investigations of “Asian religious culture(s)” in the broadest sense. However, we do ask and expect that they incorporate the focusing perspective as presented above.

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