College Students' Attitudes Toward Religion Survey General Analysis (1995-2015)



College Students’ Attitudes Toward Religion Survey General Analysis (1995-2015) 2019.2

本冊子は『学生宗教意識調査総合分析識調査総合分析(1995 年度~2015 年度)』(日本文化研究所, 2018)(日本語版へのリンク)の英語への部分訳です。下記より本文をダウンロード可能です(ファイルサイズが大きいため分割しています)。

This report is a partial English translation of 『学生宗教意識調査総合分析(1995 年度~2015 年度)』(link to the original Japanese version) published by the Kokugakuin University Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics (IJCC) in 2018. 

The report can be downloaded through the links below (*the report is divided into sections due to large file size). 

Cover, foreword, table of contents

[I] Comparison Over the Years in the Results for the 1st through 12th Surveys

[II] Cross Tabulations

[III] Opinions Presented in the Open-Ended Question Responses

[IV] Japan-Korea Comparisons

*Print version is available on request. 

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