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この度、國學院大學の学術資産と研究成果を国際的に発信していくことを念頭に置いて、オンライン英文ジャーナル Kokugakuin Japan Studies (KJS)を創刊いたしました。



A Word of Welcome

The Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics under the Organization for the Advancement of Research and Development at Kokugakuin University is launching this new journal Kokugakuin Japan Studies (KJS) with the goal of making better known to an international audience the fruits of the scholarly labors being undertaken by researchers at this university.

Kokugakuin University traces its roots back to the Kōten Kōkyūsho, which was established in 1882. The Kōten Kōkyūsho was born out of a need to reappraise ancient Japanese history and thought amid the trend toward Westernization that developed after the Meiji Restoration. The distinguishing feature of the research that has been conducted at Kokugakuin University since then could best be described as an emphasis on Japanese studies.

The Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics was established at this university with the goal of carrying out research on Japan’s spiritual culture from a broad scholarly perspective that includes comparisons with foreign cultures and classics. Currently, the Institute’s efforts are focused primarily on Shinto and Kokugaku studies, on engaging in international exchanges that are related to Japanese culture, and on research related to disseminating academic research.

Given that the Institute was founded for the purpose of disseminating research on Japanese culture to an international audience, it is only natural for us to take on the mission of making the latest research produced at this university better known to the world. In order to convey this research more broadly to people around the world with an interest in Japanese studies, we deemed it necessary to adopt the format of an English-language, online journal.

We think of KJS as our mode of transport that has now set sail across the great ocean that is the internet to carry to its readers a cargo containing the essence of the Japanese studies being conducted at Kokugakuin University. We hope you will find it interesting and useful.

Hirafuji Kikuko
Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics
February 2020


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