Kokugakuin University has 3 considerations.

Tradition 伝統 創造 Creation

To deepen awareness of “time.”

Learn the past in order to think about the future.
As in the expression, “Visit the old, learn the new,” there are many hints for us on the path forward in the events of the past, and the wisdom of our predecessors who overcame them.

Locality 地域性 国際性 Globality

To deepen awareness of “space.”

Japan is a place where the world’s largest metropolitan area embracing about 37 million people and genkai-shuraku (villages experiencing serious depopulation and aging of population), which face difficulties even in maintaining the functions of communities) coexist.
Meanwhile, we can’t ignore the fact that new social segregations and cultural frictions have emerged as people, things, and information circulate on a global scale. Please don’t overlook what is happening there now.
There is no solution for problems without your involvement.

Individuality 個性 共生 Symbiosis

To deepen awareness of “people.”

Giving one example, while relationships are said to have become shallow, the number of people using SNSs to be connected with others continues to increase.
We cannot live only for ourselves. We shall value our individuality, but at the same time, we must face the difficulties of living together with “others.”

University’s Vision

[ sirube ]



大人[ otona ]



Kokugakuin University is continually evolving.

  • Education

    To foster independent adults with their own individuality, that is the educational goal of Kokugakuin University. We foster talents who are educated, act reasonably, and are capable of leading this society. Students may think, “I want to understand the foundation of Japan and Japanese culture, and want to learn the spirit of tolerance and humility that Japan has nurtured.” They might also think, I want to actively participate in the society in which I live, demonstrating my own individuality, and want to contribute to its development.” Students with these motivations build and develop Kokugakuin University.

  • Research

    The “accumulation of knowledge” and “search for truth” are important missions of the University. The mission of research conducted at this university, which started with the fields of Japanese history, literature, and law, is to lead in the study of “Japan” in every field. We promote the understanding of Japan by studying Japan and Japanese culture, and by disseminating that knowledge both within and outside of Japan. We empirically investigate each relevant phenomenon, and aim to become the international leader of Japanology.

  • Global

    Global is a collective entity of locals. Respecting diversity and understanding others. The starting point of global is to realize points of difference through interaction with other cultures. The attitude of acceptance and respect for others is what global means at Kokugakuin University.

  • Social contribution and community-based collaboration

    Kokugakuin University contributes to creating and building a healthy society with the knowledge of the University. It continues to explore the questions – what it can do as a member of society, making full use of the University’s valuable assets such as students, teaching staff, alumni, and historical materials, and what the significance of its existence is at the present situation - and to disseminate its answers to these questions.

  • Management policies

    As a university in the 21st Century, what is the ideal form that Kokugakuin University aims for? We always ask ourselves and act accordingly. In the unpredictable society in which we live, it is required to foster human resources equipped with the basics with which they can demonstrate their capabilities. In order to foster students who have acquired the system of universal knowledge, and not superficial knowledge or skills, the faculty members and system will improve, and the University will also make progress.

The academic activities of Kokugakuin University are centered on our two campuses.