Creating Knowledge. Examining Japan and Opening up the Future.

Today, major changes to the social structure and societal transformations are accelerating. In the face of this reality, we need to find meaning in learning for ourselves, respect others, and coexist with people from diverse backgrounds while living independently.

So, what do people need from universities in today’s world? In answer, it is our belief that universities are more than places that transmit knowledge; they are places for learning from one another, between faculty and students and among students, and for questioning existing knowledge and creating new knowledge.

To achieve this goal, we will focus on education and research on Japan and Japanese culture based on the founding spirit of Kokugakuin University, while working to develop the human resources who will create the harmonious society of the future, and will strive to be a university that will open up this future.

Reexamination Question existing knowledge and create new knowledge.

There is no absolute truth when it comes to knowledge. It continues to change and evolve as we discover new materials and new ideas. To this end, we need to analyze, examine, and contemplate existing knowledge. If we constantly question
what we know, it leads to the creation of new knowledge.

Coexisting Respect and accept diverse lifestyles, and coexist.

The development of the Internet and social media is
transforming the world into one community. In a global society like this one, we need to accept and recognize each other’s inherent differences in language, history, and culture. It is important to respect the lifestyles of diverse people, approach other people’s challenges as if they were our own, and coexist.

Learning from each other Closely observe and learn from other people with different values.

Rapid changes in our industrial and social structures demand new ways of learning in university education. It is necessary not only to change teaching styles and methods, but also to closely observe how individual students are learning. Amid these changes, we are aware that relationships among students and between faculty and students are irreplaceable, and that learning from each other leads to personal growth.

Kokugakuin University is continually evolving.

  • Education

    The educational goals of Kokugakuin University are to question, learn from each other, and coexist. Kokugakuin University strives to develop human resources who are not only educated but also can appreciate the individuality of others and work together in harmony.
    We need to understand and learn about Japan and Japanese culture from a global perspective. Kokugakuin University attracts students who are motivated to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest and contribute to society.

  • Research

    Our important mission at Kokugakuin University is to accumulate knowledge and to search for truth. Our research began with the study of Japanese history, literature, and law, and our mission therein is to lead the country in a variety of fields. We promote the understanding of Japan by studying the country and its culture and disseminating this information at home and overseas. We aim to become a leading figure in international Japanese studies by empirically investigating a variety of phenomena.

  • Global

    Changes in social structures and remarkable advances in IT technology are causing globalization to accelerate. Being a global citizen means understanding your own culture, respecting diversity, and understanding others. This starts with recognizing differences by interacting with other cultures, and accepting and respecting others. Then we can accept changes in ourselves as well. This attitude we take is what makes Kokugakuin University a global university.

  • Social contribution and community cooperation

    Our contribution to creating value for society and local communities is what proves our raison d’etre. In order to contribute further, we will make every effort to achieve a society in which students, faculty members, graduates, and all other human resources can learn together by making the most of Kokugakuin University’s knowledge of Japan, historical documents, and other valuable assets.

  • Management policies

    So, what do society and people need from universities now and going forward? They need us to develop human resources who can play a role in any society, no matter the times. In addition to establishing a system that helps students to grow and contributes to their lives, we will focus on creating a sound organization that will improve the abilities of the faculty members who support students.

The academic activities of Kokugakuin University are centered on our two campuses.