Community collaboration

Updated on Feb 01 2017

Sharing knowledge with local communities

Our university research and education activities are not only for the benefit of students enrolled in our universities. There are a large number of things that come into focus when we join together with our local communities. Since local communities are what make up societies, and societies are what make up the global community, Kokugakuin University engages proactively in collaboration with the local communities in which our campuses are located in order to contribute even more to the global community. These collaborative activities are part of our work to achieve our mission of “creating harmony between regional characteristics and globalism”.

Fostering a pluralistic society in our local community, Shibuya

Research projects
Kokugakuin University is working on a university-wide research program with the overarching aim of helping to construct a pluralistic society.

Human development Hanasaku Program

The Faculty of Human Development, which is based on the Yokohama Tama Plaza Campus, is working on five projects targeted at children in the local community including a mobile picture book library service.

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