Fostering human resources to create a symbiotic society of understanding and respect

Fostering human resources to create a symbiotic society

The educational goals of Kokugakuin University are to question, learn from each other, and coexist. Kokugakuin University strives to develop human resources who are not only educated but also can appreciate the individuality of others and work together in harmony.
We need to understand and learn about Japan and Japanese culture from a global perspective. Kokugakuin University attracts students who are motivated to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest and contribute to society.

  1. Challenging ourselves to create knowledge

    From matriculation to graduation, students study the history, culture, laws, and economic systems of Japan in the spirit of the founding of the university. This fosters the kind of identity required by a global society and proactively develops human resources who will challenge themselves to create knowledge.

  2. Studying Japan with a systematic curriculum structure

    We have established a systematic curriculum to offer a framework that allows all students to embody what they learn of Japanese language, culture, and mythology from the common education curriculum. We strive to develop human resources who can foster respect for diversity while working to understand others by gaining knowledge and experience, who will learn about the culture and ways of thinking that have been cultivated in Japan, and who will think on behalf of the country.

  3. Developing a career support system for students from early on

    One of our roles is to help as many students as possible to follow their desired career path. To this end, we provide curricular and extracurricular programs from the first year onwards to support students in developing their own career views and independently choosing a post-graduation career path that suits their aptitude and interests. Kokugakuin University strives to develop innovative human resources who will enhance society and support a symbiotic society.

  4. Facilitating encounters with books in Michi No Kichi

    Located on the first floor of the Shibuya Campus Academic Media Center, Michi No Kichi is a place where students can encounter books on more familiar subjects than those in the classroom or the library. The name is a play on words as the facility’s function is as a base (kichi in Japanese) to transform the unknown (michi) into the known (also kichi). The space is designed to facilitate occasional encounters with books and for spending time with and chatting with friends and teachers.