The Faculty of Economics has three departments—the Department of Economics, the Department of Socio-Economic Networking and the Department of Business Management. A wide range of themes, from economic theory and the current state of the global economy to venture companies are taught. With the introduction of IT progressing, a number of subjects offer the opportunity to study and practice data processing and analysis indispensable to economics, as well as acquire the theoretical and practical expertise required by key users of advanced network systems.

  • Department of Economics

    In this department, the ability to see ahead of our time can be cultivated through the study of three areas—theories that clarify the history and structure of economic development; an analysis of the Japanese economic system through the application of economic theory; the current state of the global economy where world market integration is in progress.

  • Department of Socio-Economic Networking

    It is difficult to solve current social problems such as environmental destruction and our aging society with conventional systems and methodologies. This Department develops the student’s ability to determine and analyze problems where they occur by instruction in mutual networking from the perspectives of the parties involved.

  • Department of Business Management

    Through this curriculum, students first acquire basic economic concepts and then study business administration. Students can study business management theory and experience phenomena occurring at the cutting-edge of business and at places of business management. In addition to these studies, the ability to recognize and solve managerial problems in an economic environment is cultivated.


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