Contributing to creating value for society and local communities

Sharing the knowledge assets of the university

Our contribution to creating value for society and local communities is what proves our raison d’etre. In order to contribute further, we will make every effort to achieve a society in which students, faculty members, graduates, and all other human resources can learn together by making the most of Kokugakuin University’s knowledge of Japan, historical documents, and other valuable assets.

  1. As part of society

    Universities are expected to contribute to society and to local communities not only through education and research but also through the use of assets such as historical data, which constitute the accumulation of their research results and knowledge. By broadening our contact with society through industry-government-academia collaboration projects and networking with companies, the government, local governments, and public organizations, we will contribute to the development of a mutually supportive society by making the best of the unique value that Kokugakuin University has to offer.

  2. Promoting cooperation with local communities

    We will further strengthen our cooperation with Shibuya Ward and the city of Yokohama, where our Shibuya and Tama Plaza Campuses are located, respectively, and we will work together with the local communities to create value while utilizing the tangible and intangible assets of Kokugakuin University.

  3. Connecting as volunteers

    To achieve a symbiotic society, it is essential to have connections with society and people. Kokugakuin University provides students with experiences and opportunities to come to understand one another through volunteer activities like earthquake recovery support, tree thinning, and acting as Japanese language guides. We nurture human resources whose altruistic spirit will connect them with and enhance society.