Kokugakuin University contributes to creating and building a healthy society with the knowledge of the University. It continues to explore the questions – what it can do as a member of society, making full use of the University’s valuable assets such as students, teaching staff, alumni, and historical materials, and what the significance of its existence is at the present situation - and to disseminate its answers to these questions.

  1. Responsibilities as a member of society

    The University makes the historical materials as repositories of knowledge owned by its library and museum available to the public, and broadens the base of “leaning” as well as contributes to the deepening of research. Making use of education and research from industry-government-academia collaboration projects to solve problems that exist in society, it contributes to creating and building a healthy society.
    The University responds to the charge of responsibility from society by increasing its contacts with society such as through participation in academic societies as well as in governmental, local governmental, and other public groups, and by effectively utilizing research results and the unique value of Kokugakuin University.

  2. Enhancing local educational capabilities

    Kokugakuin University will generate new value that can make the communities, mainly the areas where the University has campuses, such as the Shibuya-ku and the Yokohama area, more glorious by offering its various assets in both tangible and intangible forms. It aims to bring out the power of community that enables us to think together and create value through educational lectures that reflect the university’s research, community parenting events, and other events.

  3. Connecting through volunteering

     The University strengthens its connection to society and provides opportunities to experience mutual understanding through volunteer activities.
    Taking action for someone in trouble such as disaster recovery support, thinning forests, or acting as a Japanese language guide will connect us to society and move it. Let’s take a step forward. You are here to help someone. You will be of help. We will build a circle of gratitude from here, Kokugakuin University.