Global is a collective entity of locals. Respecting diversity and understanding others. The starting point of global is to realize points of difference through interaction with other cultures. The attitude of acceptance and respect for others is what global means at Kokugakuin University.

  1. Opportunities to understand diverse cultures

    The University has created an environment that offers multi-cultural experiences to students whilst on campus, in addition to the university’s excellent support for study abroad, and provides the space where students, including those who have trouble with English, can naturally acquire a global perspective and knowledge.

  2. Polishing global skills

    Kokugakuin University has developed an original program in both classes and extracurricular activities to foster language skills, mainly English, as a communication tool so that students can acquire the knowledge and skills to disseminate Japanese culture to the world. This program enables students to understand the level of their own English skills and works to maintain as well as enhance their language skills, making use of the area of their specialty.    

  3. From the world to Kokugakuin

    The University aims to be the first choice as a place to study abroad and to send researchers to, and for this goal it will strive to further enhance its reputation to make not only students but also researchers consider that Kokugakuin University is the best university to study “Japan.”