Diversity begins with an attitude of understanding and respect for others

Acceptance of each other’s differences

Changes in social structures and remarkable advances in IT technology are causing globalization to accelerate. Being a global citizen means understanding your own culture, respecting diversity, and understanding others. This starts with recognizing differences by interacting with other cultures, and accepting and respecting others. Then we can accept changes in ourselves as well. This attitude we take is what makes Kokugakuin University a global university.

  1. Creating multicultural experiences

    We will enhance our support for overseas study and create an environment and opportunities for multicultural experiences within the university to provide a platform for students to develop global perspectives and absorb knowledge.

  2. Original programs designed to improve language proficiency

    We place a high priority on developing linguistic abilities, particularly English language skills, as a communication tool so we can cultivate human resources capable of spreading Japanese culture to the world. We will develop curricular and extracurricular programs that are original to Kokugakuin University to maintain and improve students’ linguistic abilities, leveraging our expertise in English and other specialty fields.

  3. Promoting international academic exchange

    We will promote academic exchange with other countries and promote the spread of academic research knowledge from Japan to the world by proactively accepting international students and researchers.