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Personal information protection policy

Policies for handling of personal information
1. Formulation of basic rules regarding the protection of personal information

(1) Kokugakuin University (hereinafter “University”) is deeply aware that the protection of personal information is a basic requirement stemming from fundamental human rights, and that protection of personal information is a matter of respect for the individual’s rights.

(2) The University implements protections of personal information in compliance with the laws that pertain to the protection of personal information, and has established basic regulations that are in conformity with guidance from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

(3) The University formulates basic rules that include basic items for all personnel to follow when handling personal information during educational and research activities and related to management of the University.

(4) The University regularly reviews and continuously improves all its efforts to protect personal information, including these basic policies. In addition, it also responds quickly as required.

2. Definitions of terms
(1) “Personal information” means anything that expresses the facts, decisions or evaluations pertaining to a person’s attributes such as body, assets, work, or position, that enable a particular person to be identified, or that that can easily be referenced to other information, which would allow a particular person to be identified.
(2) “Personal information database, etc.” is personal information that is systematically structured to be easily searchable using a computer, or that can be sorted and classified by a specified rule, or that is indexed to make it easily searchable. The format of that record is irrelevant.
(3) “Personal data” is personal information that comprises the personal information database that the University manages.
(4) The “principal” is the specific individual that is identified by specific personal information.
(5) “Retained personal data” is personal data where the University has the right, in response to request from the principal, to disclose, revise, add to or delete the content, suspend the use or provision to a third party, and to delete the data itself.

3. About the University’s system for protecting personal information
(1) The University shall designate personal information protection managers.
(2) The personal information protection managers shall work to implement personal information protection within the scope of their own administrative jurisdictions.
(3) The University shall establish a dedicated committee within the University for protecting personal information. The said committee primarily serves to conduct educational activities for personal information protection, supervise compliance with laws and regulations as well as basic regulations, and processes complaints, etc.

4. About the handling (collection) of personal information
(1) In principle the collection of personal information is limited to the scope necessary for University educational and research activities and the smooth operation of the University, or to improve the convenience of the lives of students and others.
(2) When collecting personal information, the purpose of its use must be made clear to the principal in advance.
(3) Other than when truly necessary, personal information that may be reason for social discrimination, and in particular, personal information that requires cautious handling, is not collected or used.

5. About the handling of personal information
(1) Personal information may only be used, provided, or otherwise handled within the scope of the purpose that was presented at the time when it was collected.
(2) Agreement is to be received from the principal when information is to be used for anything beyond the scope of what is necessary to achieve the purpose presented at the time when the information was collected.
(3) When it becomes necessary to provide personal information to a third party, the principal shall be notified and their agreement is obtained.

6. About the management and storage of personal data
(1) Personal data shall be stored in a form that clearly shows the principal the fact of the data being stored, and in principle an effort shall be made to keep it correct and up to date.

(2) The University shall strive for appropriate management in order to prevent illegal access to personal data or loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage, etc. of the data.

(3) In the case that the processing or management of personal data is to be entrusted outside, this must be limited to parties for which appropriate handling of personal information can be verified, and the basic regulations stipulated by the University shall be demanded.

7. About the release, revision, and deletion of retained personal data
(1) When a principal requests disclosure of their own retained personal data, after confirming that the person is the principal, the personal data shall be disclosed without delay, except in the cases 1) to 4) described below (including the case of no retained personal data related to that person existing and inform the principal of the fact to that effect).
1) When it is considered to be a violation of other laws and regulations
2) When there is concern that disclosure may damage the principal’s or a third party’s life, body, assets or other rights
3) When it is about retained personal data pertaining to personal guidance, evaluation, diagnosis, or selection, etc., and there is a possibility that disclosure of the said data may create a significant obstacle to the said guidance, evaluation, diagnosis or selection, etc.
4) When disclosure is to create an obstacle to the appropriate execution of University operations, or when the request itself is to create a significant obstacle to University business
(2) When there is a request from the principal for revision, addition, deletion or suspension of use of their own personal data (hereinafter called “revision, etc.”), an investigation is to be conducted without delay. As a result of that investigation, if it is recognized that there is a need for revision, etc., then the said revision, etc., shall be performed without delay.

8. About responding to complaints regarding the handling of personal information, and complaints regarding the decision to disclose or revise, etc., personal data
(1) The University shall respond appropriately and quickly to complaints related to the handling of personal information and claims of dissatisfaction with the decision to disclose or revise, etc., personal data.
(2) The University shall not use complaints related to the handling of personal information and claims of dissatisfaction with the decision to disclose or revise, etc., personal data as a reason for unfavorable treatment.
(3) Complaints related to the handling of personal information and claims of dissatisfaction with the decision to disclose or revise, etc., personal data shall be accepted by the General Affairs Office of the General Affairs Division.

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