Developing human resources with character

Cultivating human resources who can work in a symbiotic society

So, what do society and people need from universities now and going forward? They need us to develop human resources who can play a role in any society, no matter the times. In addition to establishing a system that helps students to grow and contributes to their lives, we will focus on creating a sound organization that will improve the abilities of the faculty members who support students.

  1. New learning opportunities through Digital Transformation (DX)

    We aim to take education and research to the next level by actively promoting the use of technologies like ICT and utilizing virtual spaces as well as real ones. By providing learning opportunities with no time or space constraints, we provide opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to learn together, thereby supporting the creation of new knowledge.

  2. Building a diverse organization

    By developing strategic personnel plans and working environments for faculty and staff, we aim to create diverse organizations that are not influenced by factors like age and gender. We will create dynamic organizations that respect diversity by building support systems for childcare, training young researchers, and otherwise establishing support frameworks and systems that are tailored to individual life cycles.

  3. Strengthening educational, research, and administrative facilities

    We aim to achieve higher-quality student support by strengthening our education, research, and administrative facilities, and by encouraging the faculty members who support students to collaborate creatively and enthusiastically.