As a university in the 21st Century, what is the ideal form that Kokugakuin University aims for? We always ask ourselves and act accordingly. In the unpredictable society in which we live, it is required to foster human resources equipped with the basics with which they can demonstrate their capabilities. In order to foster students who have acquired the system of universal knowledge, and not superficial knowledge or skills, the faculty members and system will improve, and the University will also make progress.

  1. Providing a next-generation student system

    The University conducts an update on the student support system to facilitate student life, and further enhance the functions of the system from the students’ perspective. On the system, a portfolio of each student will be created – the portfolio contains a record of one’s student life in various aspects including class-related information such as course registration, grades, attendance information, and information related to career support and qualification acquisition. The system is used to review students’ own activities, and we invite them to confirm their self-understanding and gain a sense of their own growth.

  2. Building organized Staff Development (SD)

    Aiming for Kokugakuin University's ideal image of faculty members, both teaching staff and general staff work to improve their skills through participating in organizational and systematic training programs. University staff should be aware of the fact that each one of them comprises Kokugakuin, and that they should support students and contribute to society.

  3. Promoting University IR

    The University educates IR human resources while supporting IR activities in order to be able to continue with the collection of information on education and research from a long-term perspective and pertaining to students, and to continue to make improvements and innovate based on analysis. It promotes objective understanding and sharing of the facts and builds a foundation for continuous development, based on evidence documents.