Efforts toward globalization

Updated on Apr 01 2020

From Kokugakuin to the world. From the world to Kokugakuin.

Kokugakuin University is not only working proactively on promoting the idea of “From Kokugakuin to the world” (research and education that contributes to the global community), but also “From the world to Kokugakuin”. Kokugakuin University believes that being a global citizen doesn’t only involve international travel and learning to speak foreign languages, and the university aims to proactively absorb people, things, and ideas from overseas.

Visiting Researcher Program

Under the Visiting Researcher Program, an academic exchange program, people involved in research into Japanese culture and society are invited from overseas to engage in international academic exchange. The university also holds international symposiums to which overseas researchers are invited.

Admittance of overseas exchange students

Every year, roughly 20 exchange students from overseas partner schools are admitted, and in some subjects they study together with Japanese students.

Exchange events involving international students

A variety of events such as Japanese language-learning support events for international exchange students are used to cultivate deeper personal exchanges between them and Japanese students.

Global Challenge Program

This is a basic skills training program targeting Japanese students that issues certificates to participants who acquire the knowledge and techniques to communicate about Japanese culture with people overseas.

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