K-STEP Assistant & Japanese Language Partner

Updated on Jul 05 2023

K-STEP Assistant

Kokugakuin University accepts about 15 to 20 exchange students every year from partner universities all over the world. We also accept the credited auditors from partner universities  as well as government-financed international students with a focus on studying Japanese language or culture. Most of these international students belong to the Kokugakuin Short-Term Exchange Program, “K-STEP,” and take intensive Japanese language courses and lectures on Japanese culture and society taught in English.

※Following are examples of K-STEP students’ home regions.
 United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam


 K-STEP assistants wish to take part in helping K-STEP students practice Japanese. You will be able to use what you have learned in class and may learn expressions that you never study in class. However, these students are not Japanese teaching specialists, so please consult your Japanese instructors for questions that you may find it difficult to solve.


 ※ Registered K-STEP Assistants will be notified in the following ways when events are held, and Japanese language practice partners are recruited, etc.

▼  K-SMAPY Ⅱ(University Intranet).

▼  Primary international events are shown on “International Exchange Events” .

Japanese language partner

If you wish to have a language partner, please consult with International Exchange Programs Office.
You also have a chance to request for a partner at the orientation session.
For the first meeting, International Exchange Programs Office arranges the time and place for you and the partner to meet, and then you can set your own schedule with your language partner. Even when you have difficulties scheduling meetings your language partner, you can continue to practice with alternative idea, e.g. exchanging a diary notebook.

Contact: International Exchange Programs Office