Research policies and rules

Updated on Oct 24 2008

Policies relating to the advancement of research and education

Declaration relating to the advancement of research and education

Kokugakuin University shall contribute to world peace and to the development of Japanese society through academic research and education, constructing frameworks for international collaboration and coexistence by further enhancing its research and research activities that are based on the university’s Founding Philosophy, which is in turn based on ethos of Shinto, while maintaining its identity and uniqueness.

Kokugakuin University’s basic policy for education and research is the creation of harmony between tradition and creativity, between individuality and coexistence, and between regional characteristics and globalism. Our aim is to foster individuals with consciousness and cultivation as Japanese people with independent personalities and the intention and capacity to devote themselves to the enhancement of Japanese society and the world. We declare that we will share widely with wider society the fruits of our research and education, while also continuously striving to enhance its quality, constructing frameworks to draft, implement, and verify specific measures to implement this.

Academic staff code of ethics and conduct

In order to achieve the abovementioned mission, Kokugakuin University takes seriously the demands placed upon it with regards to personnel development and the development and advancement of 21st century research, and in order to live up to the mandate we have been provided with, we work to ensure fairness and reliability, and in awareness of our social responsibilities, we have laid down the following code of ethics and conduct for those involved in research and education activities at our university.

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