Fields of learning and curriculums

Updated on Apr 01 2022

Aiming to nurture independent-minded adults through self-designed courses of study

Kokugakuin University employs specific “credit systems” for each separate subject. Students need to earn at least 124 credits before graduation. At least 64 of these have to be from specialized education subjects, at least 36 have to be from general cultural education subjects, and the remaining 24 can be earned through self-designed courses of study. *Students in the Faculty of Human Development need to earn at least 74 credits from specialized education subjects and at least 26 from general cultural education subjects.

General cultural education subjects and specialized education subjects

With the increasing globalization of our modern age, one could say that it is now essential to be able to interact with people from a diverse range of cultures and people with a diverse range of value systems. The general cultural subjects foster in students the cultivation and broad-based knowledge required to be able to do this. The aim is to cultivate in students the stance of looking at issues from a wide range of perspectives in order to nurture the ability to understand other cultures and introduce Japanese culture to the world. The specialist subjects are designed to increase the degree of specialization of students’ study in their particular faculty and department. There are three kinds of subject: Mandatory subjects, mandatory selection subjects, and selectable subjects. Mandatory selection requires students to select certain credits from within a set range of subjects.

University-wide open courses/minor subjects

Roughly half of the specialized education subjects are “university-wide open subjects”. These subjects transcend the boundaries between all five faculties and 13 departments and are open to all Kokugakuin University students. Students can, based on their independent will and ingenuity, freely design their own courses of study within the range of the credits for which this is allowed. The minor subject system, which allows students to receive, in a more systematic manner, specialized education that falls outside the department to which they belong, provides a maximum of 24 minor program types.

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