Our responsibility as a university to teach the global community about Japan and its culture

Striving to become the center of international Japanese studies

Our important mission at Kokugakuin University is to accumulate knowledge and to search for truth. Our research began with the study of Japanese history, literature, and law, and our mission therein is to lead the country in a variety of fields. We promote the understanding of Japan by studying the country and its culture and disseminating this information at home and overseas. We aim to become a leading figure in international Japanese studies by empirically investigating a variety of phenomena.

  1. Pursuing the study of Japan from a global perspective and sharing it with the world

    We aim to develop research and education with creativity and based on the spirit of our foundation, and to build an inter-faculty program for international Japanese studies. We will spread Japanese culture around the world by building and operating a platform for the research support that the pursuit of such studies requires.

  2. Promoting surveys, research, and education utilizing the university’s history and valuable document assets

    Since our establishment in 1882, we have systematically maintained the university’s history, including numerous academic achievements and valuable historical documents. We will use this history as a basis to incorporate our findings into new investigations, research, and education, which we can share with society.

  3. Strengthening the support system to revitalize research activities

    Kokugakuin University creates and supports an environment that will revitalize the systematic study of Japan and Japanese culture and the research activities of young researchers.
    We promote both individual and joint research (including for foreign researchers) so we can give back to society.