The “accumulation of knowledge” and “search for truth” are important missions of the University. The mission of research conducted at this university, which started with the fields of Japanese history, literature, and law, is to lead in the study of “Japan” in every field. We promote the understanding of Japan by studying Japan and Japanese culture, and by disseminating that knowledge both within and outside of Japan. We empirically investigate each relevant phenomenon, and aim to become the international leader of Japanology.

  1. Forming a base to promote “Kojiki studies”

    Kokugakuin University aims to build its own unique “Kojiki studies” by examining “Kojiki,” which is the oldest record of Japan serving as the key to understanding Japanese culture, from interdisciplinary and international perspectives, based on the results of preceding studies. As a base for “Kojiki studies” promotion, the University will promote advanced research and education, and will hand down “Kojiki” to the world and the next generations. (Selected as FY2016 “Private university research branding project,” Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

  2. Promoting surveys, research and education utilizing the school history and valuable documents

    Since its foundation in 1882, the University has systematically organized its school history, which includes a number of academic achievements, and valuable historical documents.  The University aims to conduct new investigations and research based on such past achievements, reflect them in our education, and share them with society.

  3. Improving a support system for research promotion

    Excellent education comes from excellent research. The University develops and supports an appropriate environment that stimulates the research activity of each researcher. We promote both individual research and joint research, while fostering and optimizing a sense of ethics, and reflect the research outcomes in our education and share them with society.