New Publication: Kokugakuin Japan Studies, no. 5

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Updated on Mar 25 2024



We are happy to announce the third volume of Kokugakuin Japan Studies, which was inaugurated in 2020 to make available English translations of the Japanese articles written by Kokugakuin faculties. The third issue sets its theme as “Transmitting Japanese Cultures” and carries three translated articles listed below:

  • KOBAYASHI Norihiko “Spirits of the Dead and Curses/Disasters in Ancient Japan: The Background Leading to the Jōgan Goryōe”
  • FUJISAWA Murasaki “Korin’s Images in Katsushika Hokusai’s Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji: Ukiyo-e and the Rinpa School”
  • OMICHI Haruka “Which Shrine Will Fulfil My Wishes? Selection Criteria in Shinto Spirituality”

PDF is available from here.