International exchange event

Updated on Jul 05 2023

International Welcome Party & Farewell Party

At every beginning of the semester (April and October), we have Welcome Party, and also at the end (July and January) , we have Farewell Party for international students.

The number of participants is about 100 at each party.

The welcome party is aimed to encourage both Japanese and international students to be friends, and the farewell party helps them to make great memory in their colleges life.

Food and non-alcohol drinks are provided for free.

The information of those events will be announced in the entrance orientation.


Understanding Japanese Culture - Field Trip

The Understanding Japanese Culture Events are the Field Trips to learn about Japanese culture.

Here are some examples.

View a beautiful traditional Kabuki play at The National Theater

・Aizome Experience

 Aizome is a traditional Japanese indigo dye method.  We will visit a local Aizome lab where the owner creates Aizome as it has been done over three generations.  We will get to know how to dye Japanese indigo blue, and experience the process. 

・Houses in the history / 17c to 19c in the city area

 To learn the examples of residential houses in the cities of Edo period, or 17, 18 and 19 centuries, we will visit “Edo Tokyo Museum.” Edo, former city name of Tokyo, was a newly constructed city and the population exploded in 17 centuries. Especially, regular citizens who are engaged in commercial or craft job had to live in small apartment, called “Nagaya.” Because it was the regular citizens that contributed to the development of the culture of the period, knowing the structure of Nagaya and the lifestyle there will help you understand the some art works such as literature, movies and theaters. The secondary objective is to learn the lives and the system of Edo through the museum exhibitions.

International Coffee Hour

We will hold the International Coffee Hour as a place where students can encounter “something” new!!
Would you like to open the door to feel “something,” think, and act through participating in this international exchange event?
The requirement to participate in the International Coffee Hour is a little bit of courage and your preferred language (Japanese is OK too, of course).

Location and other latest information is posted on K-SAMPYⅡ.
Students of this University who are interested are strongly encouraged to register.

Contact: International Exchange Programs Office