The Faculty of Letters directly inherits the history and traditions of Kokugakuin University which started as a research institution specializing in Japanese history, literature and law. In five departments, students are able to study indepth Japanese culture, history, the languages and cultures of other countries, philosophy and art. They are also able to take classes in other faculties/departments within a specified range. In this way, the educational environment has been prepared to develop human resources possessing the sound education and wide vision necessary to live in a global society.

  • Department of Japanese Literature

    Through wide-ranging studies of literature, languages, writing, manners and customs from ancient times to the present, the culture and spirit of the Japanese people are examined from many different perspectives. The department aims to contribute to the development of research and study of Japanese culture, thereby developing human resources which can disseminate Japan’s unique culture to the world.

  • Department of Chinese Literature

    This department offers the opportunity to study distinctive themes intensively through the General Humanity Program for in-depth study of Chinese history and society, the Literature Study Program for Chinese literature study and the Chinese Language Education Program which focuses on language study.

  • Department of Foreign Languages and Culture Studies

    This department aims to promote an understanding of the differences and common features between Japanese and foreign cultures as well as the comprehensive study of foreign languages and cultures. It develops human resources that are able to actively practice cross-cultural communication in a global society and work for the elimination of cultural friction among nations.

  • Department of History

    This department has five specialized subject areas—Japanese History, Oriental History, Western History, Archaeology and Historical Geography, enabling students to analyze history from many different perspectives while deepening their expertise, and to cultivate the perception necessary to solve various issues facing contemporary society. This department provides an enriched learning environment.

  • Department of Philosophy

    Based on the study of Western philosophy and thought, students will undertake a comprehensive study of the theoretical aspects of Indian, Chinese and Japanese thought, beauty and art. The department aims to develop human resources that are interested in everything guided by their intellectual curiosity and be able to think and obtain answers for themselves.


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