‘Focusing on Community, Invigorating Community’

Established in April 2022, the Department of Tourism and Community Development, Faculty of Tourism and Community Development will nurture human resources who can appreciate the history, culture, and nature of various parts of Japan, who think about sustainable community development from the standpoint of tourism, and who contribute to local communities in a multifaceted manner.

As Japan’s population declines, the question of how to sustain the communities in which we live for the next generation is an urgent issue. Those human resources are well sought after, who have a wide range of knowledge and skills relevant to the local environment, society, and economy that they can integrate organically to propose and implement the Tourism and community development measures to help various communities.

In this Faculty, there are no borders between humanities and sciences, and students can learn multiple disciplines that support the community through both theory and practice.

  • What is the ‘Tourism and community development’?

    The Tourism and community development refers to activities intended to revitalize a community by community-based tourism and cross-regional interactions through understanding the current situation and issues facing the community. Under the motto of “Focusing on Community, Invigorating Community”, the Faculty of Tourism and Community Development will create new ways of studying tourism and develop human resources who can contribute to local communities.

  • What does it mean by ‘Focusing on Community, Invigorating Community’?

    ‘Focusing on Community’ means to discover, from an outsider’s perspective, the strong points and appeal of an individual community that locals might overlook, and to research and verify them. ‘Invigorating Community’ means to refine its appeal, propose measures that lead to interaction from inside and outside the community, and promote community development together with the local people. In this Faculty, each student will deeply examine a local community, rediscover its appeal, and learn the methods and theories of the Tourism and community development that will help to revitalize the local economy.


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