The Graduate School of Kokugakuin University, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011, is one of the oldest graduate schools in Japan, and has one of the best degree conferment track records of any liberal arts graduate school in Japan. The graduate school works to nurture advanced research capabilities and rich scholastic knowledge in graduates capable of conducting independent research and engaging in specialized professions, and undertakes research and provides teaching in specialist fields relating to Shinto studies, literature, history, law, and economics with the aim of contributing to the advancement of human culture.

  • Graduate School of Letters

    The objective of the Graduate School of Letters is to foster outstanding researchers and people capable of engaging in highly specialized professions who are able to create new values and contribute to the development of human culture by providing them with wide-ranging knowledge and a proper understanding of the essence of Japanese culture.

  • Graduate School of Law

    The objective of the Graduate School of Law is to foster graduates who are able to gain specialized analytical skills in fields such as jurisprudence and political science, lead organizations, and analyze, evaluate, advocate for, rule on, and effect a wide range of societal phenomena.

  • Graduate School of Economics

    The Graduate School of Economics is small in scale and this means that full-time teaching staff members are able to collaborate with each other to enable the pursuit of research into a variety of different fields and the provision of guidance in a wide range of research fields in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of each graduate student.