New Publication: Kokugakuin Japan Studies, no. 2

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Updated on Apr 19 2021




We are happy to announce the second issue of Kokugakuin Japan Studies, which was inaugurated in 2020 to make available English translations of the Japanese articles written by Kokugakuin faculties. The second issue sets its theme as “the Emperor and the Japanese Culture” and carries three translated articles listed below:

  • TOSA Hidesato “Portrait of the Solitary Empress: Genmei Tennō in Man’yōshū”
  • ŌISHI Yasuo “The Composition of the “Plum-blossom Poems” in Man’yōshū”
  • MOTEGI Sadasumi “Japan’s Imperial Household Rites: Meaning, Significance, and Current Situation”

PDF is available from here.