The Graduate School

Updated on Jun 17 2019

The Heritage and Achievements of the Kokugakuin University Graduate School

In 2011, Kokugakuin University Graduate School celebrated its 60th anniversary since it was founded. The School is one of Japan’s most historic graduate schools, and it is among the top liberal arts graduate schools in Japan offering diplomas. The School also emphasizes re-education of working people and acceptance of students from abroad, and based on its history and achievements, continues to strive to train outstanding researchers and high-level professionals.

Graduate courses and majors

Shinto Studies and Religious Studies, Literature Studies, History Studies

We aim to train outstanding researchers and high-level professionals who can contribute to the development of human culture by understanding the essence of Japanese culture, with a broad range of knowledge, and by the creation of new values.

Law concentration

There is an advanced placement system for entry from the undergraduate program, enabling students to earn a master’s degree within as little as five years from entry to the University. It is possible to earn a master’s degree, with accreditation, by submitting a research paper on a subject of interest to the student. The Doctoral Program provides a system for easy entry from the Law School for those who have completed the program there, and provides proactive guidance and support for completing the doctoral course.

Economics concentration

We train people who are engaged in independent research and related professions, and foster high-level research capabilities and exceptional scholarship. There are relatively many students from abroad, and graduate students with a variety of different research goals work to polish their respective research results.