Other learning environments

Updated on Jun 01 2020

Student support systems at Kokugakuin University

Kokugakuin University assists students with their life on campus with the K-SMAPY  II student support system. K-SMAPY II can generate lecture timetables and display grades, and students can use the system to download class materials. It also has a career support function that provides information about companies and job offers and allows students to search for Kokugakuin University alumni.


The Shibuya Campus and Yokohama Tama Plaza Campus each have a library. The more valuable/rare books stored in the libraries have been digitized and are made available in the university’s digital library.

Shibuya Campus:

If you go up the escalator of the Academic Media Center you will find the entrance to the library on the second floor. The second and third floors are open access shelf areas while the first floor and second basement floor are archive areas. The library contains approximately 1.4 million humanities and social sciences books centering on those relating to Shinto, Japanese history, and Japanese literature.

Yokohama Tama Plaza Campus:

The entrance to library can be found on the fourth floor of Building No. 2, and the library occupies the second, third, and fourth floors. The second floor is the archive area, and the third and fourth floors are open access shelf areas. The library contains approximately 170,000 books including private collections and donated tanka poetry journals, etc.

Computer classrooms

The Shibuya Campus and Yokohama Tama Plaza Campus each have computer classrooms.

Shibuya Campus: Five rooms (270 seats) on the fourth floor of the Academic Media Center
Yokohama Tama Plaza Campus: Two rooms (100 seats) on the second floor of Building No.1

Computers are also installed in the following places on Shibuya Campus.

The learning space in the first basement floor (30 seats) and the fifth floor lounge (32 seats) of the No.3 120th anniversary building.

Information about computer software environments etc. is provided on the Information Center’s webpage.

Special classrooms at the Yokohama Tama Plaza Campus

The Yokohama Tama Plaza Campus, which is home to the Faculty of Human Development, has special classrooms for use in carrying out training and exercises to foster the practical intellectual capacity, techniques, and capabilities required of teachers and sports trainers.

Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law is situated in the 100th anniversary building on the Shibuya Campus. The graduate school has self-study rooms that are open 24 hours a day, a law library, a courtroom class, and so on. The Shibuya Public Legal Consultation Center is situated inside the building and is operated in collaboration with the Tokyo Bar Association.  

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