Updated on Apr 01 2019

Shibuya Campus

A truly 21st century urban campus

Shibuya Campus has recently undergone redevelopment based on the following policies: Creating a learning environment with shared spaces and places to interact, creating a safe and user-friendly campus, and creating an environment-friendly “eco-campus”, and the campus now has in place everything required of an urban campus. The ease of access that comes with being located in the heart of the city also adds to its appeal.

Yokohama Tama-Plaza Campus

A suburban campus that helps people achieve their dreams of becoming teachers and instructors

The students of the Yokohama Tama-Plaza Campus primarily belong to the Faculty of Human Development, and the campus’s extensive range of training rooms and sports-related facilities reflect this fact.


Kokugakuin University’s two dormitories are available for use by current students, teaching staff, and graduates.

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