Updated on Apr 01 2019

Past milestones

1882 Koten Kokyusho established (Iidabashi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)
1890 Kokugakuin established within Koten Kokyusho
1904 Kokugakuin promoted to status of technical college in accordance with a government edict on technical colleges
1906 Kokugakuin renamed Shiritsu Kokugakuin University
1919 Renamed Kokugakuin University
1920 Promoted to the status of university in accordance with a government edict on universities
1923 Kokugakuin University shifted to imperial land located behind Hikawa Shrine in Shibuya
1946 Koten Kokyusho dissolved, and “Kokugakuin University incorporated foundation” established
1947 Night courses commence
1948 New-system Faculty of Letters established. Kokugakuin High School established, incorporating Mejiro Academy.
1949 New-system Faculty of Letters night course classes commence. Classes commence at the Mejiro Campus. Faculty of Political Science established.
1950 Politics Department expanded into a Politics and Economics Department.
1951 Kokugakuin University incorporated foundation reorganized from an “incorporated foundation” to an “incorporated educational institution”. Old-system faculty day classes and specialist faculties are abolished. Faculty of Politics and Economics night classes commence. Graduate School of Letters master’s courses in literature and Shinto studies established.
1952 Kugayama Gakuen (Kugayama High School and Kugayama Junior High School) incorporated into Kokugakuin University.
1953 Old-system night classes of the Faculty of Letters are suspended. Classes at Mejiro Campus suspended. Graduate School of Letters doctoral courses established. Classes commence at Kugayama Campus.
1954 Kindergarten Attached to Kokugakuin University opened.
1955 Kokugakuin University kindergarten teacher training facility established. Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics established.
1958 Classes at Kugayama Campus suspended. Shinto Program reorganized into Advanced Shinto Training Course. Tateshina Dormitory opened.
1960 Kokugakuin University Tochigi High School opened (becomes an affiliated independent company in 1963).
1963 Faculty of Law day classes commence
1965 Faculty of Law night classes commence
1966 Faculty of Politics and Economics day and night courses are abolished and Faculty of Economics day and night courses commence.
1967 Law master’s degree program established. Graduate School of Letters Shinto Studies and Religious Studies Department day classes commence. Classes commence at Hachioji Campus.
1968 Economics master’s degree program.
1969 Law doctoral program established. Kokugakuin Kindergarten Established.
1970 Economics doctoral program established.
1977 Kokugakuin University kindergarten teacher training facility reorganized into the Training College of Infant Education Attached to Kokugakuin University.
1982 100th anniversary commemorated. Kokugakuin Women’s Junior College established (Takikawa City, Hokkaido).
1985 Classes at Hachioji Campus suspended. Classes commence at the new Ishikawa Campus (present-day Yokohama Tama-Plaza Campus). Kugayama Junior High School reopens. Girl’s classes commence at Kugayama High School. Monument marking the site of Koten Kokyusho installed in cooperation with Nihon University (3-5-5 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku).
1987 Construction of the Shin Inyu Kan completed
1990 100th anniversary of the Kokugakuin Declaration
1991 Kokugakuin Women’s Junior College renamed Kokugakuin Junior College with a transition to coeducation. Hachioji Campus closed.
1992 Graduation ceremony held for the 100th batch of students. Classes at Yokohama Tama-Plaza Campus commence for first- and second-year day class students
1995 Approval received for the establishment in the Faculty of Letters of Department of Japanese Literature, Department of Chinese Literature, and Department of Foreign Languages and Culture Studies day courses. Approval received for the establishment in the Faculty of Economics of Department of Socio-Economic Networking and Department of Industrial Consumption Information night courses.
1996 Sagamihara Campus opened. Abolishment of Kokugakuin No. 2 High School approved.
1997 115th anniversary commemorated
2001 Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics transition to a flexible day and evening lecture system.
2002 Faculty of Letters Department of Shinto Studies (day and night classes) reorganized to establish the Faculty of Shinto Studies. 120th anniversary ceremony held on November 4
2003 Construction of Building No.1 to commemorate the 120th anniversary completed (February).
2004 Graduate School of Law established. Construction work on Building No. 2 to commemorate the 120th anniversary completed (July).
2005 Faculty of Economics Department of Business Management established. The Department of Japanese Literature and Department of History in the Faculty of Letters switch to a flexible day/night lecture system
2006 Construction of Wakagi Tower completed (May)
2007 Organization for the Advancement of Research and Development opened.
2008 Construction work on Academic Media Center completed (March). Faculty of Law switches to a seven-period system.
2009 Faculty of Human Development established. The Institute for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning opened. Construction work on Building No.3 completed (August).
2011 Department of Japanese Literature switches to a seven-period system
2012 Teaching Center opened. 130th anniversary ceremony held on November 4.
2013 Department of Child Studies established in the Faculty of Human Development.
2014 Language Learning Center opened. Volunteer Station opened.

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