Kokugakuin University Organizational Chart

Updated on Apr 01 2022

Updated April 1, 2013

Faculty Faculty of Letters Department of Japanese Literature
Department of Chinese Literature
Department of Foreign Languages and Culture Studies
Department of History
Department of Philosophy
Faculty of Economics Department of Economics
Department of Socio-Economic Networking
Department of Business Management
Faculty of Law Department of Law
Faculty of Shinto Studies
Department of Shinto Culture
Faculty of Human Development
Department of Elementary Education
Department of Health and Physical Education
Department of Child Studies
Faculty of Tourism and Community Development Department of Tourism and Community Development
Graduate School
(Master’s programdoctoral program)
Graduate School of Letters Shinto Studies/Religion Studies
Graduate School of Law
Graduate School of Economics Economics
Special Program in Shinto Studies Shinto Studies
Special Courses Special Courses in Shinto Studies/Category I/Category II
Organization for the Advancement of Research and Development
Institute for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning