Campus and Facilities

Updated on Apr 01 2022

Shibuya Campus

21st Century urban campus

Having been successfully redeveloped under the policy of “a learning environment with shared spaces and places to interact,” “a place that is safe and easy to use,” and “an eco-campus that is environmentally friendly,” the Shibuya campus has everything that is required of an urban campus. The campus has a good access due to the unique urban setting, which is also its attractive point.

Tama Plaza Campus

Suburban campus where students realize their dreams of becoming teachers and coaches

The Yokohama Tama Plaza campus mainly accommodates students from the Faculty of Human Development, and it is fully equipped with different types of laboratory and sports-related facilities that reflect the characteristics of the Faculty.

Welfare dormitories

Kokugakuin University has two welfare dormitories that may be used by current students, faculty members, and Kokugakuin alumni.

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