Kokugakuin University Museum

Updated on Mar 29 2017

A base for research into things and ideas that we need to pass on

Kokugakuin University Museum is a base for publishing material and it works to disseminate information about research results and the academic resources possessed by the university, and it is being developed as an institution that is open to the public and that contributes to education and other fields.

The museum’s exhibition space is divided into the following three zones: “Objects and Attitudes: Japan’s Ritual Sites” (archaeology), “Objects and Attitudes: Shinto Festivals” (Shinto) and “Objects and Attitudes: Kokugakuin’s Academic Treasures” (university history), plus a temporary exhibit zone.

Kokugakuin University Museum receives several tens of thousands of visitors each year. One of the missions of Kokugakuin University is to disseminate information domestically and internationally about the museum’s vast collection of authentic materials, the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors that they record, and new discoveries that have been uncovered through research.

Contact: Public Relations Office