Request to be Sent Documents

Updated on Jul 13 2018

In a letter, please write out the following five items clearly, and place the letter in a sealed envelope.

Please clearly write “Application / Past Questions Request” on the envelope.
You may print out this page and send it in place of a letter.

(1) The Graduate School You are Applying To
○Graduate School of Letters
○Graduate School of Law
○The Graduate School of Economics

↓If you are applying to the Graduate School of Letters:
○Shinto Studies and Religious Studies ○Literature ○History

If you are applying to the Graduate School of Law or Graduate School of Economics ⇒
Intended Field of Specialization [ ]

(2) Graduate or Doctoral Program:
○Graduate ○Doctoral
(3) Admissions Category:
○General Admissions ○Mid-career ○Exchange Student ○Other
(4) What document are you requesting?
Please circle the number of the document that you would like.
Applications and past exam questions are free, including postage.

FY2017 Application to Kokugakuin University Graduate School
Past Exam Questions (FY2016)
Past Exam Questions (FY2015)
Past Exam Questions (FY2014)
Mid-Career Admissions Exam Questions (FY2014 to FY2016)

●If you are requesting past exam questions:
◎Please note that answers are not provided
◎Past questions for mid-career applicants are all short essay questions and only revealed if there were applications in the past

(5) Address (Name, Address, Postal Code, Telephone Number)
Address: Postal Code:
Phone Number:

(6) Please write in any messages you might have for the Kokugakuin University Graduate School below.
(7) Please send this information to the following address:
Kokugakuin University Graduate School Office
4-10-28 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8840 Japan
(Tel: 03-5466-0142)

Contact: Public Relations Office